‘Party politics’ problems

Dear Editor,

The election for president is over and we still feel a need to express anger toward Donald Trump. He never was given a fair chance from the start and some just can’t let it go.

In one of the latest exhibits of total frustration, we who have joined the Republican party for the same reason that many have chosen the Democratic party are being labeled as a follower of a “cult.”

How ignorant is that? I am a Republican because my parents were Republicans and that allows me to vote for whom I choose, the exception is in the “Primary” election and that ticks me off a great deal. Never in all my 54 years of voting have I ever voted a straight ticket for the Republicans and if you, as a reader, have voted a straight ticket then you are part of a much bigger problem.

When you vote, it’s with the knowledge that you have done your homework and studied all the candidates to understand where they stand on the issues that most concern you so you can vote for the person who addresses the most issues affecting the general public. Forget “party politics,” it doesn’t work. And while we’re at it, get on with your life and relax a little bit. Your candidate won. It’s over … for now.

What bothers me the most is what we’re going to see in the next four years. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and the dice are being rolled. Some of the candidates that were running for the Democratic party have expressed a desire toward “socialism,” a society run by the government, rather than “capitalism,” a system characterized by private or corporate ownership.

All I can say is, “Be careful what you wished for.”

Richard Lowe



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