Homeless problems here

Dear Editor,

Recently, I have become acutely aware of the needs of those who find themselves homeless. I’m sure we don’t see them readily sleeping in parks or boxes like in the big cities.

Make no mistake, there are homeless here in our city of Warren. Often they’re living in their cars. This is a travesty for sure.

As I see the plans for Warren to build, in my opinion, an unneeded roundabout, and push for a downtown hotel, wouldn’t that money be better served for more worthwhile projects? It could be used for building nice, clean, affordable housing for those who need it. This in addition to what is already present. I am aware that moneys are earmarked for certain things.

God bless the Salvation Army, LOVE INC. and EOC, and other organizations attempting to help. Their efforts are often not enough.

Would it be much better to provide folks a place to live than unneeded and unwanted projects? Many of these homeless souls are working, but still cannot find appropriate housing.

I believe we are our brother’s keeper and we have a basic responsibility to take care of those who have fallen on difficult times. Especially at this time, there is a real need!

Judy Templeton,



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