Country in ‘madness’

Dear Editor:

The Washington Post’s satirical political cartoon about the “Republican Rats” should serve as a warning to all conservatives, political and religious.

This was the exact same hate propaganda of Nazi Germany toward the Jews pre World War II.

The fake news continues to roll from CNN and her progressive allies. The slander and hatred of our 45th president is not veiled, as the vile things spoken of him are for all to hear and read, even in the reader’s column of this very newspaper. But I believe in free speech. They have a right to their opinion, but they don’t have a right to spoon-feed the American public their vitriol.

This is socialism at its best. The news media is supposed to be unbiased, instead they are political activists whose agenda is to change the face of America.

The socialists tried impeachment along with other lies and slanders that didn’t work, so maybe a rigged election would do the trick. It’s almost comical how some media reports to us say that fixing an election is impossible, hypocritically forgetting about their Russian interference claims in 2016. Incidentally, how much reporting are the networks who worked so hard to discredit President Donald Trump, reporting on the Hunter Biden scandal? Did I hear someone say slim to none? As long as Trump is in office, they still have fodder to fire at their target.

One of the signs of the end times is hate, according to Jesus in Matthew 24. Both Jesus and the apostle Paul also spoke of betrayal, Paul using the word “traitors” as one of the characteristics of men in the last days. The incoming president is filling his cabinet with liberals who have socialist ideas. America will change, but for the worse, under a Biden administration.

Our founding fathers would have some of these names already arrested for treason who are eagerly waiting to change our constitution.

Some of the vilest sins are vaunted in the face of God, and Americans wonder when all of this madness will end. Unfortunately, America is going to get who she deserves.

May God help America. Repentance is her only recourse.

Pastor Neal Arthur,

Victory Baptist Church,



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