Unsure about change

Dear Editor,

The virus likely cost President Donald Trump the election. Fair or not, crises usually hurt the incumbent.

Trump’s correct actions included stopping flights from China, pushing the manufacture of masks and ventilators and sending the hospital ship to New York. There’s more, though he underdid cautions.

Joe Biden would have allowed virus-carrying flights longer to avoid being a “xenophobe.”

House speaker Nancy Pelosi delayed emergency virus aid by pushing for unrelated ‘pork’ in that bill. Remember! The Chinese Communist government is to blame for the severity of the pandemic. They restricted travel from Wuhan province to the rest of China. They allowed flights to other nations, spreading the virus. Their despicable neglect turned the world upside down.

Biden claims to want to “unify” the nation. Statistically, he got 25 votes for every 24 for Trump. That’s not a big edge.

Some of his votes were more anti-Trump than pro-Joe. He’d best not disrespect the conservatives if he wants support. Before the pandemic, the Trump presidency featured the lowest unemployment rate since 1969,energy independence,containment of ISIS and elimination of key terrorist leaders, increased border security, new agreements between Israel and her neighbors,etc. All good! Much of this was under-reported by the “lamestream” media.For instance,on the day of the record low unemployment rate,the ‘big three’ networks spent a total of only 60 seconds on this achievement.

NBC did 18 seconds, but allowed over 2 minutes to celebrate Kenan Thompson’s 16 years on “Saturday Night Live.” Some priorities!

With no fair coverage, no wonder Trump tweets. But his critics make false, sophomoric rants about his alleged closeness with Putin. Biden appears to have drifted left. Avowed socialist Bernie Sanders gleefully predicts Biden will be the “most progressive president since FDR.” That’s a danger sign, considering what “progressive” means to a socialist. Joe picked Kamala Harris for vice president. Some rate her farther left than Bernie. Ocasio-Cortez celebrates Joe’s election.

We hope we’re wrong about Biden’s susceptibility to radical influence. This rightly suspected weakness risks a damaged economy, loss of energy independence, porous borders, defunding of police and a susceptibility to China’s growing power. Nightmarish.

Terry D.Hallock,



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