U.S. has lots to ‘lose’

Dear Editor,

I’m sure glad we have a local celebrity in Readers Speak (Dec. 21) explain the Republicans’ error of their ways, especially after the Democrats have done nothing but attack Republicans for four straight years without a single break. Now our celebrity wants us to “come together” in the interest of democracy.

I kept asking myself, why can’t democrats see “what’s right in front of their face”? Then it hit me – it’s “not right in front of their face.” They watch all the network news (i.e., CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and NEWSY) and those groups do everything possible to keep it out of “right in front of their face.” When it came to riots, burning builds and police cars, and tearing down statues, their coverage was non-existent or minuscule as those cities decided to “stand down”.

When it came to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, however, they were all on board. They’d holler things at Joe like, “What kind of ice cream did you get?” Biden has already gone on record for mandatory gun buy backs (can you say confiscation), attacking costs of Medicare and Social Security, re-initiating the Iran nuclear agreement and joining the Paris climate change agreement — where significant air travel and ocean traffic pollution was removed, on purpose.

All I can say to our local celebrity is “C’mon man” (Joe’s favorite) – turn on some other channel sometime, like Fox. “What daya have to lose?” (Trump’s favorite). I often look at those other stations too, for comparison, and they are, indeed, watered-down and Fake to Non-Existent News. If you never bother to look at the other side then you’re in for a surprise. John Roberts, Supreme Court Chief Justice, said it best during Obamacare hearings. He said “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

Surely this is the very reason they haven’t heard the administration’s voter fraud case – they don’t write law, only the legislation branch writes law and they interpret it as written.

Dennis Corey,



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