Thompson’s lack of honor

Dear Editor:

As a Republican who voted by mail, I am hurt and angry that my own congressman would try to take away my vote.

Congressman Glenn Thompson sometimes cites his Eagle Scout background. When a scout loses a patrol leader election, the scout can run again in the next election.

First, however, the scout congratulates the current winner and, most importantly, does all possible to help the winner secure the campsite against coming storms. Who won is less important than keeping all the tents from blowing down.

Congressman Thompson’s recently supported Texas lawsuit has been decided by the Supreme Court, and Electoral College votes have been cast.

Regardless of motivation, retroactively denying any constituent’s vote is no small matter. Washington insiders might view my vote as a mere tool to be traded for someone’s political ambitions, but I still view it as my most precious citizen right.

I previously trusted Congressman Thompson, and he will still be my elected representative.

Our country is in serious storms. We respectfully need Congressman Thompson’s focus on cooperatively addressing those storms, and not on any further attempts to deny or overturn election results.

Donald R. Mong,


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