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Where’s the help?

Dear Editor,

I am outraged that Washington politicians may head home for the holidays without passing any new COVID relief. For millions of Americans, this holiday season is looking like a nightmare.

Millions of families are struggling to put food on the table this holiday season, and 12 million renters are under threat of eviction when the CDC eviction moratorium ends on Dec. 31.

These renters are behind in rent an average of $5,400, causing economic hardship for them and their landlords.

Some lawmakers have a bipartisan plan to provide food and rental assistance for the next few months, but Senate leaders are blocking it. They seem content to let countless Americans fall into financial ruin and homelessness in the middle of a global pandemic.

Congress must not leave Washington without taking action. They must pass a COVID bill now that includes food assistance, emergency rental assistance, and an extension of the CDC eviction moratorium.

Susan Tucker


U.S. losing its values

Dear Editor,

In the land of lies is where our democracy dies, not on the fields of battle from threats outside our borders , but from inside the soon to be destroyed USA! The USSA may soon be more applicable and all done using words from anonymous sources taken immediately as truth, all of which could be proven to be false!

Under our constitution the accused must be proven to be guilty of doing what he was accused of by the state, not what President Donald Trump had to do. He had to prove he was innocent of every daily anonymous unproven accusation leaked about him for 1,825 days. That’s a lot of words. All lies anonymously used for political purposes.

Never proven, but used daily before he won 2016 and daily throughout his entire term in office in an unprecedented manner to obstruct his being elected in 2016 then ultimately for four years attempting to overthrow a duly elected president of the United States. Now they try to steal this election. All with words that are lies

Now to the purpose of these comments. Let’s start with the Revolutionary War to attempt to ascertain why this nation was formed and has endured for 244 years as the only beacon of freedom and God given rights under our constitution. Great Britain was a full fledged Monarchial country with total authoritarian, totalitarian and dictatorial leadership. We emerged from that conflict as the dream land of the world.

The Civil War was fought over state rights and to end slavery. The South was the home of the Democratic slave owners who seceded from the nation to keep owning slaves as their right and to form a new nation. More Americans died during this war to end slavery than in any other war in the history of this nation. The South wanted to dictate to other human beings that they were not worthy of human rights but only deserved to be slaves and owned by other people. Giant step toward Equal Rights for all wouldn’t you say.

World War I was fought to end facism and stop its spread across the world. It resulted in the third highest death total of all wars and was fought against an authoritarian, totalitarian dictatorship that began as socialism only to become facism.

World War II was fought against Nazi Germany and the Imperial Japanese. This resulted in the second highest death total in the history of our country.

Both Germany and Japan first went down the same road of socialism leading them to the authoritarian, totalitarian dictatorships they became causing them to attempt to conquer the world, as was attempted in World War I.

The Korean War was fought against Communist China and Northern Korea. Both authoritarian totalitarian dictatorships. Likewise the Vietnam War was fought against Communist China and Northern Vietnam.

Both authoritarian totalitarian dictatorships. Socialism gave birth to all forms of authoritarian totalitarian dictatorships leading to facism, Nazism and Communism.

We have been fighting in the Middle East forever against authoritarian totalitarian dictatorships that want to destroy and conquer our Democratic Republic just as the Facist, Nazis and Communists wanted.

The common thread here is that we demanded freedom from authoritarian totalitarian dictatorships since the birth of this nation. We have fought and more than 1.1 million have died to stop dictatorships and save the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Where truth, justice the American way should be maintained, however we are being destroyed from within by the socialism of the left. There is only one end on the path of socialism. That being exactly what we fought all these wars against. authoritarian, totalitarian dictatorships with no rights. Free speech is gone.

The banning and cancel culture are running rampant, along with censorship being accepted as normal practice. Twitter and Facebook block or ban all but the left One World Order!

Why did they die? To have the nation stolen with words — anonymous lies, the majority of which were and are unproven. However anything said against our nation, Trump, or his supporters is immediately accepted as gospel.

Lying is their mantra. One party is their goal! Didn’t we fight all the above wars to prevent socialism, facism, Nazism and Communism along with Monarchs?

Apparently they died in vain as we will from death by words as the insane Barack Obama said, “We need to fundamentally change this nation.” They will stop at nothing for total control! Obama lectured us every time he opened his mouth about how bad America was and is.

Jeffrey L. Carlson,



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