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Party doesn’t determine winner

Dear Editor,

I was reading the paper one morning regarding the election results and found it to be a sad continuation of the Republican efforts to upend the results of a free and fair election.

Regardless of party affiliation, the results seem pretty clear and no widespread fraud has been found.

Being a registered voter and doing my civic duty to vote in every election, the most appalling thing that got me was Rep. Kathy Rapp’s inclusion in the contesting of the validity was one of the things that concerned me the most. She ran unopposed for her seat which is fine as she is supposedly a true advocate for the masses in our community, which was what put her there in the first place.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way she must have decided that party is more important than the will and representation of the people. We all know that our president garnered more than 70 million votes and Joe Biden had more, which made him the recognized winner.

Many American voices were heard showing that the democratic process is still working fairly well for all who participated. Not a bad turnout for him in his re-election effort.

I don’t personally feel that anyone regardless of party should be voted for or against based on party but their intentions on behalf of the people they work for that matter most.

If Rep. Rapp feels that party is more important than “We the people” maybe it’s time for someone else to run and replace her regardless of party affiliation since her focus has changed from us to party politics.

It’s just one opinion. I’m sure there are a lot of other ones. Have a nice Day!

Dan Tassone,


Machines have flaws

Dear Editor,

You first state in your relatively short article on Nov. 28 that the election results are clear by inferring that Joe Biden has won. Am I correct to interpret your article as saying that?

The media does not get to call the presidential race or any other race.

But this is what seems to be happening right here even on a smaller scale in Warren County.

In my humble, sometimes ignorant opinion, what really seems clear is the presidential election has been wrought with irregularities that never seems to be brought to the forefront in your paper.

Clear as mud, that’s what I think, and of which your paper seems to be pushing aside as there is not much real reporting on the issues. The reporting in my opinion should contain all the facts, not just the ones that support your beliefs.

When I went through school, I was taught about writing. In order to write a report about an event, book or such, we were taught about how to get the facts: some of us might remember — who, what, when, where, why and how.

The voting machines have been a subject of controversy since they have been used. They, in my humble opinion, can never be secure.

A voting machine that has one issue has compromised the whole vote.

With one mistake that is made using them means that one person has had their right in this case–a right to vote — disenfranchised.

Think of it like a car or truck that s somewhat mechanical but run by computers now. Would you actually trust you vehicle to be 100% perfect? If you do, you have more faith than I. You trust your car manufacturers to keep you in good hands, but nevertheless it does end up in the shop sometimes.

Back to machines counting the vote: can you be rest assured that your voting machine actually voted the way you voted? And are you assured that the board of elections is infallible?

That being said I would implore people to revolt against the machines and the machinations that run them. Get some real transparency. Hold real people accountable.

Mark A. Kiser,



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