Inside the numbers

Dear Editor,

Are you around 32 people in Warren County in a day? Do you shop for groceries, hardware, or other things and see 32 people in the store or 32 cars in the parking lot?

Do you go in to the following areas such as pharmacies, post office, work, or other establishments or buildings and come in contact with 32 other people? Then statistically, you have been exposed to a person that had or has COVID-19 or a person that was exposed to the virus according to the state’s Department of Health on Tuesday.

Warren County’s numbers are spiking and Christmas will be here in a couple of days. This is a real thing my fellow Warren residents. Forget politics, forget personal opinions, think of your other Warren friends and residents.

Think of yourself to protect you and your love ones and friends! Wear a mask– covering both your mouth and nose! Practice social distancing!

Consider “Your freedom ends where other’s begin.” Be kind and do what you can for another person to keep them from suffering or even death from a preventable act on your part. Tuesday Warren County had 19 COVID deaths reported by the state. To see the figures, the State’s Covid county map is at: https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/pages/county-dashboard.aspx

Once there, scroll down and click the “COVID-19 Data” icon and then scroll down to see “COVID-19 Dashboard” where each county can be seen by moving the cursor over the county.

Protect others. Protect yourself! You can help prevent a child from being motherless or fatherless due to the virus.

JF Lockett,

scientist and Warren County resident


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