Counting the ways

Dear Editor:

If unwell demand to be restored to the perfection from which you eminated. Perfection is the Constitution of the United States of America in conjunction with the States’ Constitutions. Said articles contaminated in process of U.S. Presidential, 2020, election, ongoing coup to overthrow a duly election of president.

Said egregious acts, via a plot of long-term design, become the biggest government scandal in world history. Facts are crimes have been committed across country, supported in at least 2,000 affidavits revealing overwhelming evidence massive voter and election fraud.

Realize the magnanimous numbers of criminals — thousands, affecting national security, i.e. migrant caravans heading to the southern border, likewise the China factor.

Said crimes should be elevated to those of war, tried to that of treason — no matter where found: China, Iran, Russia, et al. Sentencing in highest form: death by execution. Understand, firing squads are coming back in states as viable penalty.

Something times zero is zero. Having stated, zero credibility of election integrity in affected states versus alloted electors in said college equals zero participation in said vote, giving President Trump a second term via electorial count in U.S. House of Representatives: 26 Republicans versus 23 Democrats.

Demand restoration via a special prosecutor for election protection to establish a war-time tribunal to convene under congressional declaration of war. Ridiculous/disgusting what goes on in country — a time to end nonsense via martial law versus destructive riots in the streets. Otherwise, national sovereignty is evaporating before existing eyes.

So, to call, or not call, your U.S. and state representatives?

John L. Erickson,



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