Christmas message lost

Dear Editor,

I was listening to the song “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” and realized that the idyllic scenes that this song conjures up in the mind don’t exist.

As I looked out my window here in the downtown area of Warren I saw a very different reality.

I saw a broken city with broken people. Some of them homeless, some who have a home but could hardly be bothered to get themselves dressed in the morning. Their natural-colored roots pushing their pink, purple or green hair out further away from their greasy heads and wearing clothes barely passable as pajamas out in public. Long-closed shops across the street, not closed from COVID but closed from cultural and economic decline.

I realized when the song talks about toy stores the only toy stores in most towns are Walmart or Dollar General. In my mind’s eye I pictured what a music video showing the reality of today set to this music would look like, how different it would look compared to what was intended or what the scenes of Christmas were in the past.Down on the other end of town there’s a billboard put up by the state of Pennsylvania Lottery Commission telling people to make Christmas special by giving your friends and family lottery tickets as gifts — that sadly is where we’re at.

America is so culturally and morally bankrupt that Christmas is when Santa Claus brings lottery tickets and the state liquor store has a sale. We are better than this, we owe our children and grandchildren more than this immoral crumbling shell of a country America has become. It’s time for America to have some dignity and use the freedom we have of self expression to restore our morals. Use the freedom we have to live our lives admirably, taking care of our children and those in need. Living in a way that benefits our families and community, instead of living as misbehaving children seeing what they can get away with while their parents are gone.

We need need self respect, we need virtue, what it all boils down to is we need God.

Ryan Landers,



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