A distorted country

Dear Editor,

Sociopaths do not make good presidents. The sociopath’s world centers around his skewed perception of reality.

The sociopath creates alternative facts to support his alternative reality. How so, let me list a few examples. 1) exaggerated inauguration crowd size 2) the Sharpie doctored weather map 3) insistence on Putin/Russian non-involvement in American affairs 4) COVID-19 will magically disappear, etc.

This fantasy is akin to the long ago reality dispute between the earth being the center of the universe ( Geocentric) versus the earth revolving around the sun (Heliocentric), in that facts were rejected since the facts did not support what one wanted to believe.

When one rejects facts and lives in an alternative reality — a world where one is the center of the universe – a world where one never has to apologize, as never are bad things his fault — it is jolting, it is unbelievable and unacceptable when true reality contradicts his fantasy.

Yet the 2020 election totals show a 7 million popular vote deficit and an Electoral vote result that he claimed as a “mandate” in 2016. The 20-some fraud election lawsuits were ruled baseless and rejected. The re-counts confirmed the voters’ rejection of his presidency.

In the real world, it is time to put on his big boy pants and man up. Congratulate his successor and gracefully maintain our country’s tradition of peaceful transfer of authority.

Hopefully national welfare will be placed ahead of personal ego, welfare and gain but doing so would violate his alternative reality. So far his is holding true to his character and warped perception of reality.

Sociopaths do not make good presidents.

Don Scott,

North Warren


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