Votes an edict on virus

Dear Editor,

COVID has affected so much of our lives. One thing was being able to vote by mail.

This did two things. It increased the numbers of people who voted and brought something to our attention that most of us never thought about. The vast number of Americans who selflessly volunteered their time to count and monitor our democratic elections. Republicans and Democrats — who are Americans (first) working tirelessly together to ensure an accurate, fair and honest procedure and outcome. They did it on film for the whole world to see. They should be recognized and applauded.

The Republican Party had many victories in this election — from the House to the local level ensuring a voice at all levels. Not even Democrats wish to see one Party have total control over decisions that affect us all. If one takes the time to think about what one has heard and believed these past four years, COVID has also shown two other key things.

One is that in four of the final big deciding states, all of them are Republican controlled (Legislatures) and Republicans determined election procedure. The rhetoric baselessly blaming Democrats for manipulating the election and enemies of democracy is just another lie.

The second is the proven fact that since COVID arrived, mostly Democrats listened to science and adhered to safety recommendations. Since it was mostly Republicans who listened to Trump and his disregard and disrespect for the gravity of the virus, of the more than 240,000 deaths in this country, one can easily surmise that a large number of deaths were people who would have voted for him. The closeness of the election, may basically show that his total disregard for his supporters’ health and lives is the reason he lost.

The number of supporter deaths, supporters hospitalized and quarantined on Election Day who couldn’t vote in person per his directions and angry supporters whose loved ones died would probably have changed the outcome. No one questions recounts. Recounts are a legitimate part of our elections.

Other than for state records, the only state that really matters is Pennsylvania. In the aftermath his loss won’t be because of baseless, vindictive claims of fraud, it will be because of would-be supporters who listened to him and followed his lead and suffered.

Susan Dilick,



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