Time to unite, heal

Dear Editor,

Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Like it or not, the fat lady has sung. Finally! The people have spoken.

Maybe now, we can get over this nightmare that has wracked our nation for the last four years. It’s time to rebuild, reunite and heal our country, our souls, and our bodies.

Our new president-elect knows the problems that need to be addressed to start our healing process. As promised, he has already started to implement his plans of action. He has promised to work for all Americans. Let’s work with him, not against him. Let’s bring our great nation back to its leadership role as the global power that we have been.

Priority one, we need to get control of this COVID virus. Wear a mask people, Please! The simple measures the experts and doctors have recommended could have saved tens of thousands of lives already.

Apparently, common sense is not common anymore. Can’t we just agree to disagree? We don’t need to riot and loot and burn down cities. We don’t need to pelt peace officers with bricks and fireworks. We don’t need to asphyxiate people being detained. Also, we don’t need to parade around in public places with weapons slung over our shoulders to intimidate those around us.

We need to show common courtesy, respect, and decency toward each other. We need to return to an era where we have respect and tolerance for one another.

To coin a phrase from a great song from another troubled time, not so long ago, can’t we just “Give Peace a Chance.” There is too much at stake to not do so.

James Schmader,

Bear Lake


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