Allegations are ‘baseless’

Dear Editor,

The Editorial Page cartoon in the Times Observer (Nov. 7) was an insult to all poll workers. Why would you choose to exacerbate the already toxic climate of fear and misunderstanding at this most crucial time for our community and nation?

I spent 10 hours sorting and analyzing ballots at the Warren County Courthouse on election day. I was one of six citizens, three Republicans and three Democrats, who had volunteered to assist in the vote verification process.

We were sworn in by Commissioner Ben Kafferlin in the presence of County Solicitor Nathaniel Schmidt. An impartial observer from the Republican party, and from the Democratic party were in the conference room with us at all times, and were joined at various times throughout the day by each of the other two commissioners, and the Director of Elections. A sheriff’s deputy was posted outside the conference room door throughout the day.

Be assured, there was no cheating, there was no fraud. Allegations to the contrary are baseless, disingenuous, and harmful.

Neil Himber,



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