Who I’m voting for

Dear Editor,

I can hold my silence no longer. To the party that preaches bringing Americans together, hate seems to be your byword. I am proud to be a deplorable.

1. I want a president who is not afraid to show his face and to tell us what he plans to do. I want a president who is willing to come face to face with those who are against him.

2. I want a president who respects the lives of the unborn.

3. I want a president who does not want to eviscerate our Constitution.

4. I want a president who lets me worship my God without telling me l am killing others.

5. I want a president who will not lie to me by telling me he will not raise my taxes but will repeal the tax cuts I am enjoying now.

6. I want a president who understands that not all Americans live within 10 miles of milk and bread, and that natural gas and gasoline allow us to live where we choose.

7. I want a president who will be reported on fairly and honestly — right or wrong.

8. I want a president who loves our country and all its people — not a president who appeals only to groups who want to divide us.

9. I want a president who is color blind, not one who is listening to those who see only one color as noble. We are all Americans.

10. I want a president who respects and learns from our history – not one who wants to rewrite it.

And to whom this applies, are you ever going to report the New York Post’s articles about the contents of certain computers?

Lastly — to Gov. Wolf — instead of bombarding us with fear and how well you can count, how about a report now and then about hope telling us of those in Pennsylvania cured of the virus and the treatments available in Pennsylvania, especially in the rural areas. And, why are you now encouraging a new form of addiction in Pennsylvania? Are opioids not enough for you?

John Cox,



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