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‘Slide’ begins with Trump

Dear Editor,

When the leader of our nation mocked a former Prisoner of War and disrespected the Gold Star parents of a fallen soldier, he showed not only America, but the entire world, that he is person without a moral compass and without empathy for anyone, even our heroes.

When this man ordered federal troops in Washington, D.C. to fire on non-violent protesters for a personal photo op on June 1, he again showed the world that America has perhaps become more like Nazi Germany in the 1930s than the America that our allies envied and respected. His action prompted Gen. John Allen to comment, “The slide of the United States, by limiting the freedoms of those they represent, may well have begun on June 1, 2020. It may signal the beginning of the end of the American experiment.”

Donald Trump undermines the expertise of our intelligence community, betrays our allies, and embraces dictators, stating he envies North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, because “when he speaks, his people sit up at attention; I want my people to do the same.” He so envies Russia’s Vladmir Putin that, by his own admission, he won’t risk their friendship to ask about the bounty Putin is supposedly paying the Taliban to kill our troops in Afghanistan.

Trump has mocked many veterans, reference his “suckers and losers” comment, but has a special disdain for Vietnam veterans. He drew a sharp rebuke from retired Gen. Paul Eaton when Trump said, “Most Vietnam vets weren’t smart enough to avoid service.” Gen. Eaton’s father, a former Air Force fighter pilot, was shot down and killed in 1969. Eaton replied, “My father was a patriot, well-educated and a wise man. The best men and woman in the USA are found in the military. You have shown disrespect to the military on countless occasions. I am stunned that anybody in the U.S. military would consider you anything but a sucker and a loser. You’re no patriot!”

So, Mr. Trump, on Nov. 3, we are voting for a real patriot, Joe Biden. Our country depends on it.” In a statement recently released by Lt. Col. Alfred Rascon, a Vietnam war Medal of Honor recipient, he states, “Trump sees service members as props, not people. Joe Biden has the wisdom and decency to heal a fractured nation, so we enthusiastically support him.”

Nearly 800 additional generals, admirals, and national security advisors, including Gen. Colin Powell, former Pa. Gov. Tom Ridge, and former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, have rebuked the president with the following joint message: “The current president has demonstrated he is not equal to the enormous responsibilities of his office; he cannot rise to meet challenges large or small, thanks to his disdainful attitude and his failures, our allies no longer trust or respect us and our enemies no longer fear us. The United States cannot endure four more years of Trump’s failed leadership.”

We were once a nation where the most sacred recognition in the secular world was that of valor in war. America, where did you go?

Tom Heenan,

American veteran,

Tidioute, Pa.

We need freedom, order

Dear Editor,

Watching the noon news on Oct. 7 from WSEE-TV and their weather cam, here comes a horse and buggy into town across the Hickory bridge.

Soon after I thought, hey, it’s Joe Biden riding into town to pull the plug on our refinery and to kill our oil and gas industry and the thousands of jobs it creates, gone.

Any local Democrat should be ashamed to admit they belong to a party with its stand on abortion, gun rights, the Supreme Court, immigration, crime and violence, defunding the police, on and on.

So if you want to go back to the horse and buggy days and a cold outhouse vote for Joe. On the other hand, he promises me a $1,300 raise on my Social Security and hefty pay raises for everyone else working.

Where is this money coming from? Sounds like he or more so the far left running him are putting us on the path to socialism and ruination of our country and freedoms.

So if you want to move forward or fall backward vote your conscience, for yours and everyone’s future.

Most important vote for personal freedom and law and order.

Jim Dailey,



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