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Choose your vote properly

Dear Editor:

You know God is a Democrat or else he would not have made them. If it were a Republican, there would be no Dems.


It is truly alarming the fragile immaturity of those who support Joe Biden for president. Said supporters do not know their subjects: 1. Biden — bad; 2. Trump — good; 3. Life — unknown. What would they do if they had a real problem? President Trump does not have problems, he has solutions.

What’s critical? Future time. With the Confederate history and Democrats, it’s about passing time. Voting and China funding? With Beijing Biden you will know it when you see it. That’s too late.

Biden poses a national security risk on three fronts: 1. jail time with Obamagate; 2. Ideology is socialism; 3. Health and suffering from old age and vascular dementia, cognivity loss, enhanced via two, former, brain aneuryisms.

After watching Biden-rigged debates there still is time to vote Trump. To make crystal clear, debate integrity is solved with the right moderator, not biased instigators. That model is Constitutionalist Mark Levin, Life, Liberty, Levin, Fox News.

Biden people are, quoting Jimmy Buffet,” growing old, but not up.” So, to be up, or be down?

Always a choice.

John L. Erickson,


Big picture is Trump

Dear Editor,

It is hard for me to understand why anyone in middle America, Republican, Democrat or Independent would vote to turn over our dear country to the East and West coast radical leftists. If that were to happen, the ones in power would be Joe Biden (Delaware), Kamala Harris (San Francisco), Nancy Pelosi (San Francisco), Chuck Schumer (New York), Bernie Sanders (Vermont) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York City).

The hard left has taken over the Democrat party. In the primaries, Biden had to move to the radical far left in order to compete. Now he is trying to petal back to the middle, but his radical left wing will not let him. They cringed when Biden told Pennsylvanians that he would not ban fracking after telling primary voters he would.

Biden said in the recent debate that he is the Democratic party. Sorry Joe but you are not. You will be manipulated by the far-left radicals who have taken over your party. You do not have the courage, fortitude or resolve to buck them. They are already bragging that they can move you even further left. That is why you will not answer the question on whether you agree with packing the Supreme Court. You do not want to lose your imaginary image that somehow you are a moderate and you need your party’s moderates in order to win.

If you do not believe the radical left is in charge of the Democrat Party you need to look no further than the House of Representatives. Speaker Pelosi runs that body with an iron fist. Of the 232 Democrats in the House — many from middle America, very few have the courage to buck her on any issue. She singlehandedly is holding up a new stimulus bill because she wants the nation’s taxpayers to bail out poorly managed states like New York and California.

Contrast all this to President Trump’s America First agenda. No president in my lifetime has accomplished so many positive outcomes for America. Look at his foreign policy accomplishments. He is the first president of either party to stand up to China, a nation that was eating our lunch. He challenged NATO to pay their fair share of their own defense and they complied. There is no reason we should be providing the lions share of western Europe’s defense 75 years after World War II. Trump’s Middle East policy has brought a measure of peace there.

I am an accountant and prepare hundreds of tax returns and contrary to Biden, Harris and Pelosi, most Americans got a tax reduction from the last tax bill, not just the wealthy. Trump has been a champion of us ordinary working people. He has brought jobs back from Mexico, China and other places. He has built up our military and helped our veterans. The list goes on and on.

Now to the COVID-19 pandemic. Biden says he could have handled this crisis better. That is a joke. He opposed Trump’s early decision to ban travel from China and Europe among other criticisms. Remember, no one saw this crisis coming and after-the-fact criticizing is easy to do but proves nothing. I think President Trump did an amazing job mobilizing our country to battle this crisis.

It is unfortunate that many will cast their vote against Trump because they do not like his tweets, demeanor or his style. But the big picture is that there is too much at stake here to use that as the reason for voting against President Trump. Biden and his far-left comrades want to fundamentally change this country. They have declared war on the Supreme Court, religion, police, bail for criminals, border security, the electoral college, the unborn, Trump tax cuts, the sovereignty of states and many more things we hold dear.

Here in Warren County it is evident that most people, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent hold a certain set of values that transcends party politics. It is also very evident that the far-left agenda of the east & west coast radical liberals does not match these values. Consider this big picture as you vote this year.

Don Martin



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