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Trump knows when to get tough

Dear Editor,

Statistics I’ve seen show the United States with 20% of the world’s COVID-19 cases with 5% of the population. Joe Biden’s numbers were slightly off as he used them as a criticism of President Trump’s handling of the virus.

We were destined to have a disproportionate share of cases regardless of who occupied the White House. Why? We’re the travel hub of the world.

Of the 10 busiest airports in the world, we have four: Atlanta, No. 1; Los Angeles third; Chicago, sixth; and Dallas-Fort Worth at 10. New York City is served by Newark and JFK; their total equals that of Atlanta, according to the Airports Council International in 2019.

With all the international travel, the U.S. was open to cases of the virus brought in by travelers from China — directly, or by way of other countries. There were likely thousands of asymptomatic cases here as Communist China hid its error from the world.

When the president shut down flights from China, Biden called him “xenophobic.”

Prior to becoming Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris made a Facebook plea for donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which provides bail money to protesters and rioters who were arrested. If they were in jail, it was likely for worse than “peaceful protest.” Articles found on Google reveal disturbing details on the bailout of violent perpetrators. She and Joe need to be challenged on this.

There remain Trump critics insisting that Trump is allied with Russia and Putin. Again, the long, expensive Mueller investigation revealed no collusion. Neither did Mueller’s testimony. President Barack Obama-era officials, such as John Brennan declared there was collusion, but changed their tune when under oath.

Obama was far more deferential to Russia than Trump. He canceled the strategic missile plan for Poland and the Czech Republic, planned by President Bush. Why? Russian whining.

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad is an ally of Russia. Obama warned him not use chemical weapons against his opponents — red line in the sand — Assad did anyway. Obama didn’t make him pay; Trump did make him pay when he repeated. Obama criticized Russian interference in the Ukraine,but wouldn’t furnish weapons to the Ukraine; Trump did!

It’s easier to perpetuate the Russia collusion fantasy than to investigate it’s unsavory creators.

Terry D. Hallock,


Watching from distance

Dear Editor,

I am sorry to say that I do not have much faith in the election process.

This is due to my own personal study and experience. I won’t go into details educating the readers about election fraud from either standpoints of historical accounts nor Congressional testimony as I will leave it to the reader to study those things themselves as this letter writer has not the time to support that knowledge in this.

What I want to do with this letter is tell of my own personal experience as a poll watcher.

I thought being a poll watcher here in Pleasant Township would not only help me understand the process but insure for myself that the count was honest. Neither happened.

After the polls were closed, I was held at the direction of the people –election officials — who were doing the counts and tabulations.

I was ordered by the constable to move three to four 8-foot long tables — about 25 feet away — from the counting and tabulation with the constable standing directly beside me. He was doing his duly elected duty, which is to obey the election officials who ordered him to do so.

As the moments went by, I realized that my being there as a watcher was useless, as I was held so far away so as not to be able to hear nor see what was going on with the “tabulation processes” that I asked to be escorted out so that I may go home and rest.

But my request was refused and I was held against my will with no charges. So much for being a “poll watcher”

Mark Kiser,

Pleasant Township

Silence is golden

Dear Editor,

You would think these people putting on these presidential debates would smarten up by now.

Have shutoffs on each mike. When the speaker’s time is up, shut his mike off.

Semper Fi.

Carl A. Rozzelle,



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