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The United States Needs A Fighter

Dear Editor:

Donald Trump is a fighter! He fights “tooth and nail,” sometimes not even waiting for his opponent to finish speaking. That is what I like about him! Our nation is being lured by the left toward socialism and we are in a desperate battle to continue with Christian principles and freedom of religion.

We do not need a “Mr. Nice Guy!” We need a fighter! I admire Mr. Trump for his savvy, strength and courage to stand up against our enemies, at home and abroad.

Mr. Trump is not perfect; not able to judge what will happen in the future. Will you who are perfect step forward and “cast the first stone …”

With the media against him and their constant broadcasting of mostly the negative and omitting much of the good, I am amazed at his strength and will-power to continue.

In both the Old and New Testament, we read about many strong leaders who were very imperfect people. Moses committed murder, King David committed adultery and murder, Saul, before he became Paul, was like a “religious gangster,” Peter and the other disciples lived beside Jesus, heard his teaching and saw Him perform miracles, and yet when He needed their support and prayers, they failed Him. But look how God later used these as leaders. God seems to delight in using very imperfect people to do His work.

Many church-goers in England at first did not look with favor at Winston Churchill, perhaps because of his bulldog look and fondness for certain liquid refreshment. Some preachers today have so come under the shadow of political correctness, that they are afraid to talk from the pulpit about anything political “for fear it may offend someone and they will no longer attend their church to put their money into the offering plates …” Doesn’t sound like Nathan the prophet who risked his head when he stood before King David and courageously said, “Thou art the man!” God can use even imperfect men like Mr. Trump. May we Americans be wise enough to look beyond his faults and give him the support he needs to lead us away from socialism. I have lived in a socialistic country for 14 years! I have seen it first hand. Socialism does not work well at all, except for those of the government who are in control. It sounds good, but it does not encourage people to work. :Why work when the government will do everything for you?” is a temptation too many cannot resist. But, someone said, “Hunger is a good motivator.”

On the Internet, I watched a political advertisement in favor of Joe Biden. I heard the man talk about looking at his face and knowing he was a “good dude.” Heaven help us if we judge people by their face, soft manner and smooth talk. Most politicians are attractive people and able to talk perfectly and look you right in the eye while they lie to you.

May we be wise enough to judge our leaders by what they have done and not the smooth clever way they talk and promise. We need someone who has opposed the murder of precious unborn babies, who has greatly helped our economy and has supported Israel better than any American leader in a very long while. We need a fighter who can stand toe to toe against China’s Xu Jinping, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and not be deceived by Iran’s false promises. At the present it appears that the only candidate who can begin to do this is Mr. Trump.

For the sake of my children and grandchildren, I beg you, America, wake up!

One last note. What a precious privilege to have the freedom and opportunity to write our feelings and opinions and have them published in a newspaper. This newspaper contributes greatly to our political and religious freedom. I express my sincere thanks and admiration.

Stephen Rieder,


Standing for the flag

Dear Editor,

Our granddaughter, Abby, is 24 years old and plays professional soccer for the Orlando Pride in the NWSL (National Women’s Soccer League). A few weeks ago, Orlando played a match against the North Carolina Courage.

The evening before the match, Abby’s team discussed how they would handle the current issue on “equality and justice for all.” Despite much pressure from her teammates, Abby said that while she fully supports equality and justice for all, she would not be kneeling, but standing during the pre-match activities. And stand she did.

She was the only player to stand. As she told her teammates, “I will be standing for the flag, and for all the veterans who have preserved that flag.”

We are so proud of our granddaughter!

Jim and Betty Lynch,



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