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Circling back on hotel

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to recent now secret meeting about possible hotels that have already been studied and will not benefit the city.

Someone here must have their hand in the cookie jar because why else are we being force fed this hotel? Lord knows the people aren’t going to profit from it. Besides, the city gives years of tax breaks to anything that moves in. Makes you wonder who has the ulterior motive.

In the end, it will be the people of this city who pay for it one way or another! Very reminiscent of the future roundabout!

Vickie Surdyk,


No wisdom in present

Dear Editor,

With the toxic political atmosphere in Washington, D.C., and throughout our country it’s time to reflect on the wisdom of some of our founding fathers.

Daniel Webster stated, “I am committed against everything which, in my judgment,may weaken,endanger,or destroy ( the Constitution) … and especially against all extension of Executive power; and I am committed against any attempt to rule the free people of this country by the power and the patronage of the government itself….”

Thomas Jefferson related, “In questions of power,then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Consitution.”

“Those who would sacrifice freedom for safety will have neither,” said Benjamin Franklin.

It’s truly unfortunate that too many of our elected representatives within the federal government have little concern for certain principles outlined in the Constitution. They may subscribe to its tenents, however, they seem to refuse to defend and enact the principles inherent for the welfare of our country.

Without question the House and Senate is awash with representatives who lack a certain common sense understanding of our perseverance for justice and, therefore, a glaring ineptitude to govern for the benefit of each and all of us. For example: the infracture is neglected, health care requires substantal improvement, long-term environmental issues need addressed, the standard of living for the poor should be improved,the national debt is out of control, foreign alliances demand substantial policies, and the list continues.

The Russian government, with Vladimar Putin in control, does not respect our democracy. Unfortunately, he has so-called “Americans” who tend to believe that Putin, the former mastermind of the KBG, has no interest in our upcoming Presidential election.

With the apparent solicitude of Donald Trump, Putin wants to disrupt and instill immediate discord into our democracy within the postal and voter rights systems; and calls into question the results of this presidential election.

The 2020 presidential election is crucial. Any Republican or Democrat would be far superior to Trump! We all have a civic duty to vote which should ensure that our democracy is maintained from the whims of those who divide us.

I, for one, want us to be a United States of America in these turbulent times now and for years to come. Join us in this effort, and give us a presidential leader who truly understands our rich democracy. The man in office may assert his understanding of our government, however, the past few years is in opposition to his claim as a great president. A great president has the interest of his country when times are favorable and unfavorable, and also pays his fair share in federal taxes.

Most of us are exhausted by his tenure in office, and his self-serving attitude with little regard to his sworn oath of office. Trump has had several bankrupt episodes in his business portfolio, and his super ego is destined for another bankruptcy as the worse president in American history in conjuction with certain lying and hyocritical Republican Senators.

Trumps’ own recorded words, as stated in Bob Woodwards book “Rage,” regarding the stock market in opposition to the deadly nature of COVID-19, convicts him of his complicity and disregard for the physical and emotional welfare of those who have both died and survived this virus. This perpetual liar, and self serving “adolescent” does not deserve another term in the oval office.

Finally, what kind of a person, no less the president of our country, would social distant himself for his benefit while he permits his supporters to pack a political venue like sardines without virus protective measures. What regard does he have for them? Yet, they support their idol rather than helping to control the spread of COVID-19 not only for themselves, but for each of us.

Unfortunately, he now has the virus along with his wife and other members of his administration.

May they all get well.

Hopefully, if Joe Biden suceeds Trump, and if both political parties work together for our benefit, we can move forward to address essential programs our country desires without Trump at the helm.

M.J. Shanshala,



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