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Stolen chainsaw has flaws

Dear Editor,

This is to the person who removed the Stihl chainsaw from my garden shed.

I’d first like to start by letting you know that I have been having a little trouble with the throttle sticking, so you will probably want to keep an eye on that when you are using it. I know the chain was off of it when you got it, it’s a fairly simple job to put it back on. No special tools necessary just a flat head screwdriver and a wrench.

Although I did hit a rock with it on the last job, so it will more than likely need sharpened sometime soon. All in all it has really been a good saw for me, I’ll miss it.

I will really miss the special Davies and Sons Bar Cover I had on it, hopefully I’ll be able to replace that. I do need to thank you though because I really need to clean my shed out and get rid of a few things …. the chainsaw isn’t something I really wanted to let go though.

I did come across a few really neat items I forgot I had over the several hours I spent looking for it. Also it would of been nice if you could of wiped up the oil spot where it was sitting, I got it though.

In some odd chance you just borrowed it I’m willing to let you return it, if you could just top it off because I’m fairly sure it had a full tank of gas when you got it.

Ryan Knopf,


U.S. always been great

Dear Editor,

Consider how tough it must be for Trump supporters!

Trump supporters pledge to believe that physicians, scholars, teachers, scientists, economists and journalists devote their entire lives to deceiving them. Meanwhile, a reality TV star with decades of fraud and many greedy Russian friends, a God appointed idol who never goes to church, and someone who quit leading during a vicious pandemic is their only beacon of truth and honesty.

The U.S. was quite great enough before 2016. Let us remember how it really was.

Oran Stewart,


Ginsburg was not perfect

Dear Editor:

May the soul of Ruth Bader Ginsburg rest in peace and I will say some prayers for her.

Why the left idolized her so much is beyond me, but I realize much of their distorted views — is it from hate, lack of knowledge or disgust for the truth I do not know?

She was a hero to the murder for hire industry called abortion, where babies are often ripped out piece by piece from their mothers’ wombs. And as one doctor testified before a Congressional hearing, “We know we did our job when our instrument clamps down on the skull area and a white substance trickles out from the brain matter.”

If Ginsburg was such a “Constitutionalist,” why are the likes of Sen. Charles Schumer and the left spouting lies that she stated from her deathbed that it’s her hope the next Supreme Court Justice will be up to the next president? A clear violation of the Constitutional duties of a current President to put forth a nomination for such said vacancy!

As for the political satire cartoon with Anthony Scalia having his arm around Ginsburg in the clouds saying welcome home. What’s next? A political cartoon when Brett Kavanaugh dies and a picture of Hitler and Stalin with their arms around his shoulders saying the same “Welcome Home?”

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a heaven and a hell just like there a sky and land here on Earth. Fortunately, we have a God by the name of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, and the decisions we make here on Earth such as defending the unborn, or the murder of innocent unborn souls can and will make the difference of where we spend eternity.

Vote wisely, vote life.

In love and peace to all,

Alan Kiser,



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