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Dear Editor,

Exactly three years ago, I received my diagnosis of breast cancer. In April 2017 and September 2017, I had mammograms at Warren General Hospital.

The April procedure was for my annual screening and it showed no issues. The September procedure was scheduled to test for a suspicious mass. That mammogram was also negative.

It took a biopsy and ultrasound to determine that the mass was cancerous. I know that, had the 3-D technology been in use at WGH in April 2017, my diagnosis would have been made sooner and my cancer would have been less invasive.

The front page article (Oct. 1) in the Times Observer gives me hope that, going forward, no one receiving a mammogram at WGH will receive one or more negative screenings or diagnostic results when, in fact, cancer is present.

I offer my sincerest thanks and regards to the Betts Foundation, DeFrees Family Memorial Fund, Community Foundation of Warren County, and Cummins Engines for their contributions toward an enhanced procedure for mammograms in Warren County. The clinical accuracy the new equipment provides will save lives here.

The new Genius 3D mammography equipment and the professional and nurturing care provided by absolutely everyone at the WGH Cancer Care Center are vitally important to the wellness and recovery of countless local residents. I am indebted to the professionals at the center for my recovery.

Pat Evans,



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