Policies are the issue

Dear Editor,

As Vice President Mike Pence said to Kamala Harris, “You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.”

Appearing on the editorial page (Oct. 24), an article written by a regular contributor to the “Readers Speak” was really an opinion piece. Because it was given the headline, “U.S., voters have a choice of two paths.” One would think that it might be based on facts, but you would be wrong. I stopped counting at 40 unsubstantiated talking points regurgitated from overpaid, media “talking heads.” Don’t worry. Although I can debunk all 40 convenient lies, I will report on enough of them to make my point.

In a previous letter, I corrected the “Trump said that the Covid-19 was just a hoax” comment. The Biden campaign got caught twice “stitching” words together that were spoken on two different topics in a Trump speech. He never said the above, and the ads had to be pulled.

The most egregious lie is that Trump called service men and women “suckers and losers” (from an anonymous source). Robert Wilkie, former National Security adviser, Zachary Fuentes, former top aide to White House Chief of Staff, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, former White House press secretary, John Bolton (no friend of Trump), were there and all said that it never happened! Bad weather prompted John Kelly, chief of Staff to cancel the planned cemetery ceremony.

During the 2016 primaries, I made it a point to watch interviews of candidates including Trump.

The interviewer quizzed him about his health-care plan. “What about those with preexisting conditions?”Trump replied, “One of the ideas we are looking at is a designated fund using public/private money.”

That made sense. If left in the pool of private health insurance, these cases would drive up the cost for everyone. By creating a separate public/private pool, preexisting conditions get covered and large corporations get tax incentives.

This kind of partnership is already being used by drug companies to help those who can’t afford to pay. Media spin made it look like Trump would eliminate coverage of pre-existing conditions when all he was suggesting was moving the coverage. Joe Biden’s plan is to just throw more taxpayer money at the problem.

Trump used the same public-private partnership to set up the “Warp Speed” initiative for fast-tracking the development of COVID-19 vaccines. Several vaccines have already been manufactured and in the final test-trial stage. Trump plans to use the military for efficient delivery of the vaccines. Saying the President has no plan is not only a lie but does nothing to unit us against the Chinese Virus which is the enemy here.

Another claim is that Trump downplayed the seriousness of the virus and didn’t follow the science. Video shows Dr. Anthony Fauci proclaiming the virus is not as bad as we thought and masks are not necessary. “Follow the Science?” But if the information the scientists received from China was faulty, who is to blame?

I realize my efforts here are futile, but I won’t let the socialists have my country without a fight. I have read investigation reports, transcripts, accounts from all of the major newspapers, viewed countless videos, and internet searches. It frustrates me that seemingly intelligent people are content to blame Trump for things like putting kids in cages.

Parents of those children can’t be found because they rented their kids to criminals while they themselves stayed home. Those that should read this won’t because it isn’t what they want to believe. I am not voting for Donald Trump. He is a flawed human as we all are, but I am voting for his policies and so should you!

Joanne Oviatt,



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