Drawing the line

Dear Editor,

Socialism was accepted in the United States with the election of FDR in the late 1930s because of people dying alone and abandoned due to the Great Depression.

Since then we have added several socialist programs that provide protection for our elderly, mentally and physically handicapped and our combat veterans. Many Republicans have resisted these programs because we are supposed to be a Capitalist Nation and they believe that socialism is both evil and a slippery slide to destruction. Actually there may be some truth in the slippery slide part!

The wealthy elite have little use for socialism as they can afford the best medical care and their retirement is secure, but for most Americans this is not the case. Most of us rely at least to some degree on Social Security for a portion of our retirement and Medicare for some of our medical cost. Both are socialist programs.

So the question becomes, how much socialism do you personally want? Where do “you” draw the line? Or do you prefer to go back to the 1920s!

One of the reasons Trump has not disclosed a health care plan is that it is impossible to cover all of us without it being a socialist program.

Allan L. Gustafson,



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