Downfall for the Dems

Dear Editor,

Recently Democrats have tried to peel off the pro-life vote from the Republican party. An often used argument is the idea that abortion can’t be abolished until all children have a financially stable and ideal home life.

Following that logic, slavery should not have been abolished until all slaves could read, write, have shelter, and a job. Yes, everyone wants children to have a safe and happy life and pro-lifers join with other organizations to further that cause, but the right to life must be seen as the cornerstone for all other human rights.

I suggest the Democrats change their platform on abortion. Draw in the pro-life voters instead of shutting them out. Becoming abortion neutral would be a start. Remove from the party platform abortion as health care and federal funds promoting abortion. Find common ground such as free and accessible birth control, healthcare for expectant mothers, and increased funding for adoption.

The deliberate destruction of a baby inside the womb, or outside the womb, is not acceptable. The pro-life movement was here before this election and will be here after the election.

Don’t expect a vote for a Democratic presidential candidate who favors abortion on demand. Instead of trying to convince pro-lifers to support the Democrat party, work to convince the Democrat party to eliminate support for abortion.

Linda Burroughs,



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