Difficult choices

Dear Editor,

I wrote before about not voting. This is a very different election over the usual cases. You have two candidates that most people do not want to see get the presidency.

Yet we are told that we should vote. To me, that sounds hypocritical. That is like putting two rotten apples in front of you and telling you that you must eat one of them. You are better off not eating either one of them.

You have Trump who lies to the people and does radical things. He is the better of the two evils. You have Biden who has a lot of mind slips, supports later term abortions (which means a lot more babies will be murdered), he supports open borders (which means he is going to let all of these illegals invade our country), and will bring on a socialist society. Is this what you really want? So you had better think twice before you vote for Biden.

Myself and my family have thought twice and we are not going to vote at all. Some people tell me that if we don’t vote, we had better not complain about things. That is fine. Complaining will do no good anyway so why do it?

Either one of these two will be bad for the country and when they do something bad, remember that you voted them in so it is on your head, not mine. I will only be able to say “I told you so.”

One other thing that you could is write in someone’s name on the ballot. That would put in a vote against both of the above named parties.

Remember, there is only one president that is eligible for a second term. You could vote for Jimmy Carter.

Barry Keller,



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