Consider the options

Dear Editor,

A vote for Joe Biden, or l should say a vote for Kamala Harris, more than likely will mean the following: Pack the Supreme Court, no more good or moral decisions again. Pack the Senate with new States of D.C. and Puerto Rico. Eliminate the electoral college. That would mean California, New York and Illinois would elect all future presidents. The rest of the country would have no say.

¯ Abortion, including once a baby is born and the mother does not want it, kill it. This horrible law is legal in at least two States.

¯ Gun control — confiscate lawfully owned guns and destroy your right to self defense.

¯ Socialism — has never worked anywhere it has been tried.

¯ Open borders — more and more illegals coming over for free health care, education and welfare. That’s better than American citizens have it.

Abolish ICE. Defund police. Eliminate charter and private schools. Eliminate Trump’s tax cuts. Massive tax increases. More regulations for small businesses.

Use no oil, gas or coal. God created Earth with oil, gas and coal for us to use. No cows either.

And it looks more and more like the radical Left doesn’t want us to go to church or worship God.

The radical Left want total government takeover of all aspects of our lives. President Trump wants none of this and I find it hard to believe anyone else wants this trash.

Please vote, but think long and hard about what you would like your future to look like.

Bob Silzle,



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