Appetite for democracy

When did Americans, at voting time, become spoiled children, balking in front of a plate of spinach? “But I don’t like it!”

Childish tastebuds aside, (and I was one of the fussiest eaters) the apostle Paul said, we are laborers together with God … I Corin 3:9. In America, that labor includes exercising our God-given right to vote.

To vote, not for the personality of the one(s) God is using to lead the nation — that is His business; but to vote for the candidate whose agenda most closely resembles our own values.

Some mature people eat spinach for its benefits to the body, if not for its taste.

Vote on Nov. 3. Help to determine the benefits — or lack thereof — we all will experience. And, let’s not forget to pray, and be thankful.

Liz Farnsworth,



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