A GOP Biden backer

Dear Editor,

“Fool us once, shame on you; fool us twice, shame on us.”

I was a Republican. My father was part of the Greatest Generation as an artilleryman in World War II. His commanding general was Dwight Eisenhower, so when Ike ran for president as a Republican my dad, in spite of knowing only Democratic presidents since he was 13 years old, became a Republican too.

It was not an issue of being “woke” or “liberal” or not, he just decided that if it was good enough for Ike it was good enough for him. None of that other stuff would have made any sense to him and I sense not to any of the others who fought under the leadership of F.D.R.

So I became a Republican also, philosophically at least. I supported Richard Nixon against John F. Kennedy in 1960, but I was not old enough to vote. I believe in small government, less regulation, no hand-outs, but I could not honestly say exactly who I voted for in each of the 13 presidential elections since I’ve been old enough to vote. I’ve always just sized up who I thought was the best man, and voted for him.

But for sure the last Republican to get my vote in a general election was John McCain, 2008. The last Republican I voted for in a primary was John Kasich in 2016, in a last-ditch effort to stop the train wreck that I knew was coming. When that failed, I swallowed hard and voted for Hillary.

So now I have a Republican heart, but I stand by Joe Biden. I am not alone. Hundreds of former officials of Republican administrations signed letters supporting Biden.

Among the notable Republicans who are no longer in Donald Trump’s corner are: Rex Tillerson, Kasich, Mitt Romney, Tom Ridge, Cindy McCain, Meghan McCain, Charlie Dent, John Bolton, George Conway, Arnold Kamler, Olivia Troye, William Kelly, James Mattis, Colin Powell, Anthony Scaramucci, Miles Taylor, Max Boot, Ben Sasse, Larry Hogan and many more.

These people believe, as do I, that four more years of Donald Trump will be the end of America as we knew it.

John Ferry,



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