Where’s the concern?

Dear Editor,

Bruce Cockburn wrote a song, “If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear?”

And it’s true today. In Genesis, God created the earth and said it was good.

That means cutting down most of the trees in the Allegheny National Forest is a sneaky plan by the Forest Service supervisor. One needs to watch the “Chronicles of Narnia” to know trees are alive and that there is a better way. But those who don’t pay attention probably never read C.S. Lewis.

If the had, they’d also remember Noah collected all animals two by two — God making the case for biodiversity for aus.

So there are many species that only like old growth forests with majestic, huge 400-year-old trees. In fact, William Penn said one in six acres should be left as old forest.

Now, there are more than 40 endangered species in Pennsylvania and the commonwealth scrapes by with $1 billion per year in state park and tourism dollars. Imagine what the dollar benefit would be if the trees were left to grow back into the “rainy forest” they once were.

Would people be better off going to Seattle to see giant trees?

Every creature — animal and plant — matters in our world. Make your voice heard today — or more chainsaws will be coming to our natural gem.

Chad Doverspike,



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