Warren not Biden country

Dear Editor,

Ignorance is bliss. Worse, organized ignorance, is dangerous in current times. Why?

Joe Biden for president.

How? A tectonic faiure of public education dumbing down America. Scandalous decades of taxpayers throwing good money after bad — with no accoutability Biden — at the teachers’ union. Results: highest cost per student versus dismal in the basement performance coupled with anti-civil rights to deliver good education and school choice.

Why? Ignore Biden’s bumbling history. Biden’s sins are great. Silence while in-basement hole up avoiding open campaign issues. Disbelief in American values and those of his Roman Catholic Church.

Biden’s evil law is those of the politician, not what is right. Wasn’t he involved in Obama-gate, illegal spying on Trump, plus self admission in the Burma-Ukraine scandal?

President Trump is not a politician. He is for what is right — the people.

Politically correct Biden blows with the wind, and seen in the catastrophic lineup as former vice president. All subscribe to the insane, Marxist Democratic National Committee. More scary, Biden does not have the mental capacity to carry out duties of presidential office. He appears to be suffering from early stages of dementia.

In the government of nations, the time often comes when the establishment of a principle ensures freedom for centuries to come. In Warren County in 2016, 73% were for Trump. Keeping promises made and many more against insurmountable odds. This year, Trump should win Warren County with 81% of the vote.

Freedom and accountability are America’s inherent strength is its greatest asset in this election. So, to be free or not to be free?

John L. Erickson,



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