Readers Speak

Far left of center

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the right-on-the-button support, Donald J. Trump for a second term. Upon completion, his legacy will find prominence on Mount Rushmore. Source: cartoon in the Times Observer on Sept. 18. “The evil of two lessers, Trump 2020, Biden president.”

What’s in a name? Bi-den. Joe “Two den” — two dens of iniquity, the Harris-Biden ticket.

The former vice president with 47 years of do-nothing, blow-with-the-wind, alleged-criminal-self interest, swamp creature. Harris, left of the left, with her years of public service wandering in the desert.

Both candidates with the facts of evil personified.

In the dreams of Biden-Harris, there is very little of the world in them — independence. One always gets what they resist. Biden resists truth — the people. The truth will gush forth like a Niagara election day with Trump landsliding American.

Trump is driven. Biden is biding time. So to tune, or not to tune?

John L. Erickson,


When figures lie

Dear Editor,

Once again, I find myself questioning your judgment. The recent letter claiming that only 9,400 people have died of COVID-19 simply takes my breath away.

We have information from multiple sources that would deny the truth of that one statement, and yet this person was required to give absolutely no proof to his claims before you decided to print that letter.

The writer was not stating an opinion. He was spreading misinformation. It was blatantly false information.

Differing opinions are a fact of life. Unfortunately in this day and age, so are lies. As an editor, we would expect you to know the difference, and to hold your contributors to some sort of minimal standards of truth, no matter whether they be writing news bulletins or humble letters to the editor.

Debby Hornburg,


Don’t ignore election

Dear Editor,

Don’t be scammed into the strategy to not vote on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

On this 100th anniversary of women starting to vote in America, and all the decades they worked and suffered to accomplish this, it would be an affront to them and your mothers, daughters, wives and family to stay away from the polls!

Those who display flags and attend veteran recognition events and praise our people in uniform-what did they die for? Why did/do they offer years of their young lives if not to foster democracy and the privilege to have free and fair elections in the USA? To convey to legislators what we want accomplished in our government?

When you stay home from voting in disgust or disinterest or mistrust of the political arena you are giving up your say in the selection of leaders who will listen and act on your local, state and national concerns. The others who support different agendas will have the upper hand and their opinions will be heard and yours will be ignored. The ballot box is the most powerful way to show what issues matter from your perspective: concern for health care, the environment, equality, immigration, education, etc.

Don’t let someone else make the choice for you!

If you don’t have enough information on the candidates to make an informed decision? Go to www.vote411.org/ballot for a non-partisan review of candidates on your ballot by the PA League of Women Voters, of which men can even be members.

You can find where your voting location is too.

Don’t let the political chaos keep you from you democratic right to vote.

The last day to register to vote is Oct. 19. The last day to request a mail in ballot is Oct. 27. Mail-in and absentee ballots must be received by 8 p.m. on Nov. 3.

Mark Davis


member of the Warren County League of Women Voters


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