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An upside down world

Dear Editor

With President Kennedy, it was his being Catholic and the fear that the Pope would be running our country.

Funny, that’s not a concern with Biden! Then, with Obama it was “death squads” that would decide who lives or dies in the Affordable Care Act, confiscation of all our guns and we’d be ruled by Sharia law.

The whole Republican platform seems to run on fear and paranoia. You must stay scared so you don’t thinkn.

Facts are now hoax, lies are now truths, anti-fascist are now the bad guys and vigilante militias and “Proud Boys” are now the good guys.

So when did the world get tipped upside down? I’d guess about four years ago.

Allan C. Gustafson,


Clearing the air on signs

Dear Editor,

A recent one-sided letter from a Democrat brings me back to the keyboard.

First, kudos to Jeff Carlson for standing up for all who want to write and submit letters to the Times Observer to voice their opinion more than once a month. It would have to be a certain breed of people to disagree with you and of course, the left wing managed to find one.

With that said, are you kidding me with the recent letter that was submitted about Joe Biden signs being stolen? I am on my third Trump sign already this year and in 2016 I went through five of them. If you don’t believe me, I still have the police reports to prove it. So, boo hoo if you truly and and honestly believe the Democratic signs are the only ones being stolen or damaged. This in and of itself is a very example of one’s mind being so clouded that not even an ounce of common sense can seep in.

If 300 Hillary Clinton signs were ordered in 2016, that was 299 too many. However, a recent letter stated “all but three were stolen.” That’s questionable and few would believe that. To counter, my Democratic friend who lives in Warren County still has his four 2016 Hillary signs and will not relinquish them to me to use for target practice.

When my signs were stolen in 2016 it wasn’t a teenager and a pickup truck, it was grown adults in a maroon caravan that I have footage of on my trail camera. Therefore, I appeal to the local Democratic leaders to bring your people to that same line you wish the Republicans to operate from.

I live in Pleasant Township and just like in 2016, the above mentioned is happening in 2020 everywhere to every party, not just the Democrats.

One more note, in 2016 skunk extract and Vaseline wiped on my fourth sign worked very well as my neighbor’s signs kept being stolen but my fifth was not touched. Wonder what the inside of that van smelled like.

Brian Fajbik,

Pleasant Township

Vote for life issues

Dear Editor,

Just as no one candidate seeking government office can be on target for ALL one believes in, so too it is impossible for one issue — abortion — to encompass the totality of a campaign platform for an office.

Improving the Affordable Care Act will provide pre-natal, post-natal and maternity health coverage for expectant women. A graph of the number of U.S. abortions has been steadily declining in the years from 2009 to 2017. I attribute this to access to the increase in healthcare for more Americans of all ages.

In addition, on the health issue, misinformation about the current pandemic and confusion on how to deal with it are demoralizing to our citizens. Avoiding testing won’t reduce the number of cases, in fact, quite the contrary … the public’s awareness of the number of COVID-19 cases in their area will make them able to make an informed decision on how to stay healthy and safe to avoid the expansion of the pandemic and death and illness!

Reinstating five federal executions after a hiatus of 17 years and ignoring the Native American statutes against capital punishment is not a pro-life stance nor a Catholic perspective. Check out Pope Francis and the Catholic Catecism which do not condone capital punishment.

Demonizing immigrants and minorities isn’t Christian but racist and injurious physically and mentally to the children separated from parents and those who have lost loved ones to police brutality.

The environment with regard to climate change is also a prolife issue. Ignoring scientific data could very well impact human existence itself. Pope Francis’ document Laudato Si clearly spells out the demand that we care for the earth and all life upon it. Unfortunately, besides taking the USA out of the Paris Accord, Trump recently rolled back EPA environmental regulations on disposal of toxic coal ash residuals which may directly impact the Allegheny River at the Warren Starbrick substation.

Health coverage, honest strategies for the pandemic, moratorium on executions, respect for immigrants and diversity, care for the environment are all wide ranging life issues which should be considered at the ballot box Nov. 3.

Karen Davis,



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