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Biden’s empty promises

Dear Editor,

I have been reading the editorial section of this newspaper daily for approximately three years. Because this is an election year for the president of the United States, my interest in what has been published here has been elevated as a result.

What I have read here is that mostly that President Donald Trump and his entire family are very bad and toxic in consistent lectures from the mass media and many of you regardless of his multiple undeniable accomplishments. He has done so despite his relatively short term in which further progress was abbreviated by and dismissed by multiple completely time consuming proven false narratives while under constant daily persistent harsh scrutiny in the absolutely most demanding job in the world while he had absolutely no political background at all.

So I decided to do a little fact checking and was curious as to what presidential candidate Joe Biden had actually positively accomplished for USA citizens in his 47 years in political office. The results were dismal at best for him in that regard even on Wikipedia, Google, etc. for USA workers and important global matters.

Mr. Biden has not displayed the ability to answer even softball prepared questions without a teleprompter for his answers at this point and I do truly look forward to the upcoming debates.

My curiosity is that if your vote will be for Joe Biden because you think he would be a truly effective USA and world leader or is it rather because you are a no-Trumper at all costs?

Gary Schrope,


Being truly pro life

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regard to the recent letter headlined “A Catholic perspective.” The writer says that if a political candidate’s position agrees with a pro-choice view, then that person is disqualified as someone for whom a Catholic may vote.

To me, being pro life means respecting and supporting life from conception to death. It is more than being anti-abortion.

If you are against abortion, but think it is alright to separate a child from his or her parents and put them in cages, then you are not pro life. If you think it is alright to marginalize the poor, you are not pro life, If you think it is alright to engage in racism, you are not pro life.

If you think it is alright to discriminate against someone based on gender, race or religion, you are not pro life.

This is so much more to pro life than the single issue of abortion. Being against abortion does not necessarily mean you are pro life. If you don’t honor the other aspects of life, you are simply against abortion.

Pro life means pro all life, not pro some life.

Catherine Morse,


Barbara Ehrensberger,



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