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Meddling president

Dear Editor,

President Donald Trump does not want us to be able to vote safely in the national election on Nov. 3 because he thinks mail-in voting will result in his defeat. To this end, he is interfering with the delivery of the mail by the U.S. Postal Service.

He wants us to go to the polls to vote in person in the middle of a pandemic. He does not care about the citizens of this country and he certainly does not see himself as a protector of the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution. He did swear an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution” did he not?

The right to vote is the foundation of our democratic form of government. What have we allowed to happen to our democracy? Is our democracy now an autocracy?

I have written Sen. Toomey and asked him what he is going to do to help us exercise our right to vote by mail as it has been codified into law in our state.

What are we going to do about it? I do know this: I will vote for new leadership in our country Nov. 3. If I have to go to the polls, I will do so. But I would rather vote from the safety of my home.

No one should have to risk getting a serious illness by going to the polls to vote. I have been avoiding crowds, social distancing, making masks for family and friends, and wearing masks when I shop for the past six months because I want to live to see the end of this public health crisis.

I have a lot more living to do. Our president does not care if I live and he does not care about the 180,000 people who have already lost their lives.

He should be ashamed of himself. All he does is care about himself.

Elaine Wiehagen,


Stick to the facts

Dear Editor,

Do you remember when Donald Trump stated that he would “protect and strengthen” Social Security and Medicare during his 2016 campaign?

Well, he recently stated that he intends to permanently terminate the payroll tax if he is re-elected. Since this is how Social Security — along with 36% of Medicare –is funded, Social Security Disability benefits would end next year and basic Social Security retirement benefits in 2023, according to the Social Security Administration. And Medicare would gradually wither and unravel with this chunk of its funding eliminated.

You may remember Trump’s promise that all Americans will be provided with “beautiful” health care. Yet his administration is trying to dismantle what is left of the Affordable Care Act, which would result in millions of Americans losing their healthcare insurance, as well as the elimination of protections for those with pre-existing conditions. And what is Trump’s “beautiful” replacement plan?

There is none.

Do you recall Trump criticizing his predecessor for playing so much golf, and claiming he would be ‘too busy working” for the American people to do this? It turns out he has spent almost 300 days (at least 135 visits) so far during his presidency, costing at least 140 million taxpayer dollars. And, as most of these taxpayer funded outings were at his own golf resorts, he has profited quite nicely.

You’ve probably seen recent political ads claiming that his opposing candidate intends to “defund the police,” “ban fracking,” and “take away your guns.” All of these claims are flagrantly false (please fact-check them for yourself), again showing that Trump and his allies will enthusiastically traffic in “alternative facts” to foster his re-election chances and won’t hesitate to drum up fabricated fears to convince voters that “only he” can protect them from the horrors that will be unleashed if he is not re-elected.

These are tools of persuasion well known to dictators, cult leaders, and con men, along with many other such tools which Trump uses quite extensively — but that would take another letter to discuss in a meaningful manner.

An electorate informed by facts and truth is crucial given the historically profound importance of this election and the path we will thus be choosing for America for generations to come. This is our most sacred duty and responsibility as Americans — so please fact-check, vote, and vote wisely.

Dale E. Buonocore,



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