Prayer for safety, patience

Dear Editor,

The Warren Area Ministerial Association, an organized fellowship of pastors, priests, and lay leaders in Warren County, would like to publicly express its support of and appreciation for all the staff members, care providers, and administrative personnel of our local long-term care facilities in these uncertain times. We know that stress and pressures are being felt regarding keeping the residents and patients, along with their family members, as safe and yet connected as possible in this time of COVID:

¯ Residents and patients may not fully understand the restrictions required in the pandemic.

¯ Family members may be experiencing additional stress and concern about their loved ones, frustrated by policies that keep them appropriately distanced.

¯ Staff may be finding the additional precautions cumbersome as they offer care.

¯ Administrative staff members are continuously seeking to be both responsible and responsive to governmental guidelines, board directives, resident and patient needs, and family concerns.

WAMA offers this prayer for all involved: Dear God, we thank you for the facilities in our community which offer care, support, healing, and safety for those who are unable to live on their own. In these stressful days, we pray that you will provide your strength for those who offer hands-on care, those who maintain operations, and those who make decisions regarding the wellbeing of all in those facilities. We pray as well that you will grant your peace to all family members and friends who may be anxious for their loved ones. We continue to pray that you will hasten the day when the virus will no longer be a threat to our health! Giver of all good gifts, grant safety, patience, respect, and good health for all! Amen.

With gratitude and peace,

The Warren Area Ministerial Association,

Warren County


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