Overstating death figures

Dear Editor,

Much has been written and more has been done about the current pandemic brought to us by the Chinese Communists. The facts as set out by the National Center for Health Statistics and available on every computer demonstrate that actual deaths from COVID-19 from Feb. 1 to Sept. 2 are much lower than the media has announced.

The facts: only 6% of reported COVID deaths were actually from COVID, while 94% of the patients who died had contributing conditions and causes. What this means is that we shut down the entire economy of the United States over the deaths of 9,000 people.

The same data indicates that there are a total of 227 deaths from COVID-19 in the age groups 0-24, with 207 total COVID-19 deaths in ages 5-24.

So, we closed down the American school system more than 207 deaths. The question any intelligent person must ask is why is the death rate so horribly wrong? Could it be to frighten us into meekly accepting what has been happening since February when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged that the entire economy be shut down? Was the intention to destroy the economic juggernaut developed by President Trump and his administration?

Questions must be asked and answered: Who was responsible for the horribly misleading information that has wreaked havoc around the world? How did the Imperial College of London come up with a model that projected 2.2 million American deaths? Who was behind the efforts of the World Health Organization and the CDC to shut down the country? Why are many states — almost all led by Democrat governors — continuing to keep people from work, from school, and from socializing?

Why are professional education associations such as the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers demanding that schools and universities be kept closed and are adamantly opposed to any alternative mode of education such as charter schools, private schools or home schooling? And, who do these groups expect to profit from their actions? Would it surprise anyone if the answer is Joe Biden?

Larry R. Neal,



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