No purpose to voting

Dear Editor,

Voting is not as important as it used to be. Years ago it was effective, but not anymore.

I listened to a DVD featuring the late George Carlin explaining why he does not vote. I think he has good reasoning. He states that most politicians do things wrong and screw things up. People come to him and complain about what they did. His reply to them is to not come and tell him about it as his conscience is clear as he did not vote for them so he does not have to live with the wrong that the politician did wrong.

This hits a personal note on my part. In the last local elections, I tried to vote twice but the lines were out of control so I left. Now I am glad I did not vote. We were supposed to vote for county commissioners.

Shortly after voting, they turn around and call for a tax increase. Some friend they are with the citizens of our county. No taxes should be increase during this pandemic times as people just cannot afford it. If anything, taxes should be reduced.

Then they put various other people on the ballot like judges or some other positions. How can we rightfully vote for them when we do not even know them and don’t know if they are honest people or not?

In the upcoming presidential election. We are not voting in that one at all. We know that both of them are going to mess things up when they get in. You have a sitting president who really makes a mess of things and you have his opponent who is quite old and loses it mentally quite a bit of the time. And we are expected to vote for one of them? No way! Let other people vote for them and accept the consequences. At least our conscience will be clear.

They try to tell us that every vote counts. It has been only rare cases where one vote has made any difference. So that is an unlikely event.

Someone tried to say that a no vote is a vote for Joe Biden. That is not true. A no vote is not a vote for anyone.

So good luck to all of you people who are going to vote for president. You will get what you deserve. Happy voting, suckers.

Barry Keller,



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