Hypocritical signs

Dear Editor,

First, just a reaction. Recently, a reader expressed discontent that letter writers should be limited to once a month.

I disagree. It is a modest restriction and without it, those like myself who delight in pounding opinions into the keyboard would bore the public even more than we do.

That said, I have a serious issue to bring up: The theft and defacement of Joe Biden yard signs. What is it about Republicans? Four years ago it was the same thing.

The county Democrats had ordered 300 signs for Hillary Clinton, and they were in hot demand. All but three were stolen; in Pleasant Township a pickup truck was sighted with a teenager running behind, pulling up Hillary signs and throwing them into the back. On top of this, I heard of the comment, “Hillary must not be very popular. We don’t see many signs for her.” I worked in the Democratic Campaign Headquarters, and I know what the demand for signs was huge.

This time it seems even worse; Biden supporters are driven to all sorts of methods to keep their signs safe and I will not disclose them. I can’t understand the mentality that says, “We are entitled to our political opinions, but you are not.”

What Trumpism. I have never heard of a Democrat stealing a Trump sign, and it’s not for lack of temptation. If anyone does know of such a case, let us know; it would not be regarded well among us, because we believe in democracy. As Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.”

Probably the sign-stealers are not reading this. They probably don’t read much anyhow. But I appeal to local Republican leaders: Bring your people in line. This looks like a trivial matter, but it is not. Lessons to the younger generation are important, and not just a source of snickers at Republican headquarters. America is a two-party system.

Dr. Karen L. Black,



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