God help us unite

Dear Editor,

Having read a few hundred articles to the “Reader Speaks” over the last several years, it has come to my attention that our Grand Old Country is nearing a total collapse or about to enter into a civil war.

We have seen our cities burning and nobody being held accountable. We have talk of removing police due to a few bad cops. We are allowing millions of illegal immigrants into our country and promising to give them free health care, part of our social security and free housing.

We are fighting an epidemic in COVID-19 that came into our country from China, and we want to blame our president for not stopping it.

Are you kidding me? We must remember, since it’s beginning, there hasn’t been a cure. Americans have liberties that other countries don’t, and we are showing the world exactly what that means.

We don’t want to change our ways even if it would help others survive. Look around and see how many people are without a face mask. We are America and nobody tells us what to do, we are free to express as we please and boy are we doing a bang up job to be proud of.

The rest of the world must be laughing at the way the “Greatest Nation” is reacting to a very serious and deadly disease. If we are so damn upset about the 2016 election then we are in serious trouble.

I’ve never in my 75 years seen so much anger and hatred among our friends and general public.

When it’s time to vote, just remember one thing: no matter which side wins the election, there is another side who will be ready to continue the unrest and hatred that you see daily. If you like what you see, get ready for many more years to come.’

Oh, I almost forgot. God help us all. And remember one more thing, you get to pick the God you follow, there is no vote for the best God thankfully!

Richard Lowe,



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