Circling the issues

Dear Editor,

So after reading the latest article about how safe a roundabout can make an area, I couldn’t help but remember that the Warren Times Observer has already stated when all of this hoopla began that there were only I think three accidents at that particular intersection in 10 years with none of them being a fatality.

So again I question the reasoning that this city wants to spend an extreme amount of money for something we don’t need? I realize maintenance and light bulbs for traffic lights might make a money difference in Lord knows how many years, but we might have flying cars by then. Just saying.

Now the second item on my mind today. I posed this question on social media and received no response so I’m just wondering if anyone could enlighten me.

Beaty playground just got refurbished/rebuilt and I see no giant divot for “drainage” there, but yet Lacy — that I don’t believe I’ve ever seen flooded, unlike Beaty — has an area big enough to be a swimming pool hacked out of it. Now forgive me I may be wrong but if this play area is for people with special needs and sensory issues how is a giant hole just off their play area going to impact them?

Just trying to understand a little better the powers that be in this community.

Vickie Surdyk



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