Breaking a Commandment

Dear Editor,

What does the future hold for a nation when those in high office and powerful positions do not practice the Ninth Commandment?

When I was a boy, I noticed that none of the Commandments demanded that I never lie–that no Commandment specifically demanded that I speak only truth in every circumstance.

“Whew!” I thought, “some fibbing is OK.”

What I found was family, friends, neighbors, and teachers professed a higher standard. They expected truth and fair play all the time. Yet, they did not always practice what they preached.

I witnessed occasions when they themselves did not live up to the high standard they claimed. However, in their defense, I recall no instance when the adults I personally knew defied the Ninth Commandment.

What happens when a child breaks the Ninth Commandment? At the very least, trust and fair play are compromised.

What happens when an adult breaks the Ninth Commandment? At the very least, trust and fair play are compromised and true justice is threatened.

In a country that allows Freedom of Speech, what should an adult who observes a breaking of the Ninth Commandment do. In my opinion, at the very least, that adult should speak out in an attempt to set the record straight.

Before I proceed, here is some insight into my point of view and my perspective. I was baptized and confirmed in the Christian tradition. I am a lifelong Republican. I believe in the American Dream.

On Saturday Aug. 22, the president bore false witness against many of our neighbors and fellow citizens. “The Democrats took the word GOD out of the Pledge of Allegiance at the Democrat National Convention.”

What future holds for our Nation when those in high office and powerful position practice not the Ninth Commandment? At the very least, it divides our House, it is a bad example for children, and it sets the stage for the greatest threat to The American Dream–tyranny!

Will Champlin,



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