Above the law?

Dear Editor,

When looking into law and order issues, please consider that the following have been convicted or pleaded guilty to felonies: Paul Manafort, campaign manager; Michael Cohen, Trump attorney; Roger Stone, campaign consultant; Michael Flynn, national security adviser; George Papadopoulos, campaign adviser; Rick Gates, Manafort deputy. Steve Bannon, campaign manager, was recently indicted for felonies, wire fraud and money laundering. The Trump administration holds the record for criminal indictments at 215. The Nixon administration is a distant second at 76.

Consider the folloing who have been fired or resigned because of unethical acts or abuse of office: Scott Pruitt, EPA; Ryan Zinke, interior; Tom Price, Health and Human Services; Rick Perry, energe; Jeff Sessions, attorney general; Gordon Sondland, ambassador to European Union; David Shulkin, Veterans Affairs; and Mick Mulvaney, chief of staff.

Consider that Donald Trump ahs been involved in numerous lawsuits. There are a few where he is the plaintiff, mainly about trying to prevent disclosure of his taxes and finances.

There are many where he is the defendant. Some involve violating the Constitution — the First, Fifth and 14th amendments and the Foreign Emoluments Clause. There are also many involving executive orders, potential legal violations, political campaigns, sexual misconduct, financial manipulation and the environment.

Consider Trump University was involved in “illegal business practices” and settled three related lawsuits in November 2016. In addtion, the Trump Foundation — a charity — was involved in illegal activities and agreed to be shut down under court supervision. Trump was ordered to pay $2 million for misusing the foundation.

To be a law and order candidate, you would have to respect and follow the laws, not place yourself above them. People protest when they see injustice or feel oppressed. If you think the country is more divided, dangerous and lawless consider who has been in charge these past 3 1/2 years.

Kurt Lyle,



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