Readers Speak

Policy limits views

Dear Editor,

With all due respect, it is my opinion that you are purposefully or accidentally denying both conservatives and liberals their rights to freedom of speech by limiting them to one letter to the editor per month in which to state their opinions and/or facts about the state of affairs in this country at a time when chaos, division, obstruction and resistance seem to be the only strategy one party has to offer!

This is a time when we need more discussion not less. We need to bring to light not hide in darkness all of our thoughts, opinions and facts.

Is not the purpose of the newspaper to inform the populace of all information as opposed to concealing it from us.

Your paper has many days pass with no letters printed. Simply print as many letters as you get in chronological order as you receive them.

That seems a rather easy thing to do unless of course you prefer a less informed populace. These are truely the times that try our souls!

Please reconsider your policy and do not minimize our freedoms of speech and thought. Be a beacon of light, not a political cover of darkness!

Jeffrey Carlson,


Voting flaws evident

Dear Editor,

Today I received a “Voter Registration Application” in the mail requesting information from the Republican National Committee for my deceased wife.

Trump is concerned about voter fraud.

How, may I ask, is this request not fraudulent?

I could have completed and submitted the application on behalf of my wife without any jurisdiction.

M.J. Shanshala,



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