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Outlaws and disorder

Dear Editor,

Our world is certainly in chaos with the riots and outright murders of several people, regardless of race or religion.

I am all for peaceful protests, but the mayors of some of the biggest riots are all Democrats: Ted Wheeler, Portland Ore., Lori Lightfoot, Chicago, Bill DeBlasio, New York City; Jenny Durkan, Seattle; Keisha Bottoms, Atlanta; and Jacob Frey, Minneapolis. What does this tell us? You may want to consider a change.

I’m not saying the Republicans are perfect by no means, but at least the Republicans are for law and order. Most police are good. There are always some bad apples, but I think it is clear, that some people need to wake up as to what is happening out there.

Joanne Culbertson,


Getting a pass

Dear Editor,

A while back I submitted a letter in which I stated that part of Democrat strategy was to “burn it to the ground.” One response said this thought was outrageous another simply scoffed at the idea. Yet within weeks cities throughout America were in flames with rampant looting, rioting and armed militias parading through the streets. Black Lives Matter, which lost its message of color, morphed into its true character of Marxism.

Antifa blatantly burned and looted businesses while Democratic governors and mayors stood by and did nothing or even offered support. Democraict governors in many states declared that the Constitution only applied to those with a “moral cause” and denied those rights to others, shutting down churches and the right to worship along with other prohibitions of gathering peacefully.

So, what does this mean going forward? Joe Biden will drop out the race before the first scheduled debate with President Donald Trump.

The debates and the response to them is already scripted. Harris will be declared by every news outlet as the overwhelming winner. Trump, no matter how he responds, will be vilified as sexist, racist and a liar.

Every night show, talk show and live comedy will demonize Trump while Harris will be cast in god like stature with resounding support from athletes in the NFL, NBA and NASCAR taking a knee to her. This isn’t hard to predict because this has been going on for the last 42 months. Of course, Harris is only a figure head to fulfill Barack Obama’s third term as president.

Finally, the reason for pointing out this summer’s events in the cities of America is to also predict that even if Trump were to win an absolutely verifiable victory the Democrats have already telegraphed how they will respond.

Every major city will be in flames, the riots and looting we experienced this summer will be child’s play compared to what they are already prepared to unleash onto America.

The lies and fabrication of fake narratives regarding the election will abound as fast as the Communist party of China can produce them and CNN, MSNBC and the mainstream media propagate them. Or China will simply release another virus. Americans can and will overcome cities aflame, but the fall of the U.S. government to China through the Democrats will plague us for generations. Or I could be wrong.

Dennis Atwater,



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