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Signs of divided times

Dear Editor,

My husband and I are Democrats. On our road, as the election draws nearer, more and more Trump 2020 signs pop up on neighbors lawns each day. To be honest, when I pass one of those signs I often shake my head in disbelief wondering, what is it about the past four years that would make you want another four years of the same, or worse?

Despite how fervently I would disagree with any argument in favor of a second term for Trump, it would never occur to me to trespass on someone’s property to remove one of those signs. Yet, for this presidential election and the last, someone has done just that to us. Sometime in the night, someone has removed our Biden for President signs, just as they did when Hillary Clinton ran.

What gives anyone the right, simply because their political beliefs are not aligned with ours, to come on our property and steal our belongings? I suspect that these are the same people who walk defiantly into Walmart or Lowe’s, or any number of businesses, maskless, despite the signs conspicuously posted that masks are required. They show the same distain and lack of respect for those businesses and for fellow shoppers as they do for us when they slink off with our political signs.

What do they hope to accomplish by this childish act of vandalism? Do they think it will change the outcome of the election? Believe me, if that were so, you would see 100 Biden-Harris 2020 signs on my lawn.

We would all do well to respect each other’s right to our political beliefs, as well as our right to protect ourselves to the extent we can during a global pandemic.

We will replace those signs, and I hope they will remain in place until we remove them when the election is decided.

Margaret Nicklas,

North Warren

Mail-in voting worries

Dear Editor,

Mail-in voting has been shown to be detrimental to the November election. Many ballots cannot be confirmed to determine if they are legal.

Ballots have been sent to persons who are deceased or no longer at the address where they’ve been delivered. Who knows who may use them to vote multiple times?

Also, mass quantities mailed randomly will inundate the postal system making it even more difficult for the post office to perform its regular duties.

All adults need to be registered in order to take part in this election. If a registered voter chooses not to vote in person, he or she needs to take the time to apply for an absentee ballot and return it in a timely manner; this is in order to ensure an honest vote because each ballot is verified by the information of the person requesting it.

As we see the Democrats moving farther left with Kamala Harris on the ticket, we need to understand that with a Democratic win, our choice of health care will be taken away, taxes will be raised to the hilt to pay for illegal immigrants and other agendas, gun ownership will be diminished, and police will be dismantled and defunded. Without law and order the safety upon which we ultimately depend will be denied to us. Will citizens of faith become the “persecuted church?”

In a leadership role, the president of the United States has shared his thoughts but has allowed the governors of 50 states to do what they were elected to do. It is not up to the federal government to dictate what the states are to follow; governors have to be responsible to their own constituents. Fox News on Aug. 12 presented a council comprised of a doctor, parents, and a teacher from different areas of the country discussing school reopening with POTUS and others. Many people would learn facts, if they watched more than fake news.

This election will be the most important in which many of us will vote, and we need to make certain that our voices are heard.

Norma Bankoske,



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