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Is it time for change?

Dear Editor,

I have been so impressed lately with liberal Democratic views on so many issues that I’m considering changing my party affiliation from Constitution to Democrat.

I was exuberant when they cited the Constitution when it came to the impeachment trial and that document became their best friend.

So happy when they slammed President Donald Trump for closing the door on incoming flights from China over COVID-19 while Nancy Pelosi visits China Town and eats her ice cream.

Thrilled when they fight so vigorously for a woman’s right to kill their unborn child.

Overjoyed when they consistently propose to tax, registrate, eliminate and confiscate gun purchases and ownerships. It’s about time those law-abiding citizens are made criminals.

So proud when they vilified and condemned Trump’s Fourth of July speech at Mount Rushmore. He almost sounded like an outdated Foundation Father, like Washington or Jefferson — and we know the error of their ways. It’s like Franklin telling us we have Constitutional Republic if we can keep it.

Then the gall of that Trump fellow last January to be the first president to speak at the National Right to Life March in Washington, D.C. What in God’s name was he thinking? That it’s government’s duty to protect the unborn child and vulnerable of our society?

What we need is more New York moments like with Gov. Andrew Cuomo to handle the COVID-19 crisis with all the nursing home deaths. My heart leapt with joy when the Democrats deemed abortion clinics and liquor stores essential services and shut down the churches.

I will be so glad this November when I can finally call myself a proud Democrat who voted for Joe Biden. I can then rid myself of such useless garbage as the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, my Catholicism, my Bibles, my library of history books and proud to turn in my guns and wear my mask!

They are contributing to the destruction of America as we know it.

Alan Kiser,


The wrong path

Dear Editor,

History lesson 101:

In the 1930s, Nazi Germany, secret police and Gestapo take to the streets. People are taken away, gassed, shot and just disappear never to be seen again.

Other than shot and totally disappearing –yet — welcome to Nazi America 2020.

Daniel Wilson,



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