Readers Speak

Proud to believe

Dear Editor,

I am a Democrat and combat vet. I believe in one country for all races and all religions.

I believe in one flag for this country, as me and my brothers fought for the “Starts and Stripes” not the “Stars and Bars,” which to me is a traitor’s flag.

I believe if you put a statue of a person in your town square, it should be someone who has been a benefit to this country or the people in it. The same should apply to naming military bases.

I believe in the First Amendment and that there is actually a difference between protesters and rioters.

I believe in the Second Amendment, but with restrictions similar to the 1950s. I believe out country should be able to operate within a “balanced budget,” even if it means we have to do without.

I believe in a “free press,” and history has proven that our country could not exist without it. I believe it is their job to ask hard questions and “push” for definitive answers.

I do “not” believe in Deep State, Globalist, aliens at Roswell, a third shooter of John F. Kennedy or any other hocus pocus conspiracy circulated on the internet. I am an American and proud of it!

Allan L. Gustafson,


Front and center

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to say the suggestion from the City Council for the Front Porch Days is a wonderful one. If we still lived in Warren, I would have our former front porch on West Fifth Avenue ready in every way to greet neighbors and friends.

I hope Warren is filled with people on front porches waving to one another.

Adele E. Tranter,



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