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We need some heroes

Dear Editor.

Here is your chance to be a hero. Who doesn’t want to be a hero?

A hero is someone who takes action to reduce the risk of someone becoming very sick or dying. By following a few simple steps you can be a hero, today!

Step 1: Wear a mask or face covering when in public or even in your home if living with someone who is at high risk.

Step 2: Social distance six feet or more from all others except when eating or drinking.

Step 3: Sanitize all surfaces that you come in contact with.

Step 4. Wash your hands frequently.

Step 5: Avoid touching your face as much as possible.

Step 6: Avoid crowds both inside and outside.

You may have heard or seen on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media sites as well as certain cable TV channels that the above steps are not necessary or don’t work. They are wrong! I put my faith in the scientists, doctors and other health care professionals who actually know what they are talking about.

Think about this: If you are sick or think you may become sick, are you going to run to a doctor or a politician?

If the steps listed above are not followed by everyone it will be a very long time before we can safely send our kids to school, go back to work, go to the movies, sporting events or all the many other things that we have enjoyed in the past.

Be a hero. Start today. The one you save from sickness or death may be your child, spouse, parent, sibling, a friend or even yourself.

Jim and Marianne Yaich,


Spiraling downward

Dear Editor,

This nation paid a very heavy price for slavery. It cost more than 600,000 lives during the fighting among the soldiers. Many more died within a few years from wounds they had received or by one the many illnesses or diseases that were prevalent.

Added to the cost were billions of dollars in property that was destroyed. The gravest cost of all may have been the devastation of so many families. The loss of so many husbands, fathers, sons, brothers the cost of these losses are beyond any calculations one can imagine.

The fact is that this nation paid an extremely high price for the practice of slavery.

We can look back and see the price this nation paid for our past sins, but what will the cost be for our current sins as a nation?

Just what are the sins that could/will cost our nation, maybe more than we can bear.

Beginning back in 1963, as a nation, we evicted the God of the Bible, the God who has Blessed this nation abundantly from our public-school system. This action began a slow but sustained movement that has removed God from more and more of our government and societies functions.

Then a short 10 years later, we as a nation legalized the act of abortion. That action has led to the death of some 63 million babies. To add to the atrocity of these babies’ death, many of their body parts are being sold.

Then a few years ago our nation legalized and sanctioned marriage between same sex couples. God clearly states in his word (Bible) this is an abomination unto him.

As a nation is our cup of iniquity full and about to overflow with judgment coming soon or will we be given a chance to repent like the Lord gave Nineveh?

As our nation has progressed deeper into the pit of sin where has the church been?

The church has been silent throughout our nation’s downward spiral into the pool of immorality.

What will the cost be now?

James A. Gillette Jr.,



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